1.General Administration Branch 



 2.Engineering Management Division 

• Project Planning Group
• Design Group
• Soil Engineering and Geotechnical Group
• Topographical Survey Branch
• Dam Safety Management Branch
• Engineering Inspection and Analysis Branch


 3.Operation and Maintenance Division 

• Water Management Planning and Budgeting Branch
• Water Management Branch
• Water Use Extension Branch
• Improvement and Maintenance Planning Branch
• Road Improvement and Maintenance Branch
• Water Planning and Problem Solving Branch


 4.Operation Division 

• Construction Planning and Budgeting Branch
• Natural Water Resources Improvement Branch
• Special Project Branch


 5.Mechanical Division  

• Mechanical Engineering Branch
• Mechanical Operation Branch
• Earth-Moving Equipment Operation Branch
• Pumping Operation Branch
• Communication Branch



 6.Provincial Irrigation Office 

• Chiang Rai Irrigation Office
• Nan Irrigation Office
• Phayao Irrigatiion Office
• Lampang Irrigation Office


 7.Operation and Maintenance Projects 

• Kio Kho Ma O&M Project
• Mae Wong O&M Project
• Mae Lao O&M Project



 8.Construction Project 

• Construction Project 2



 9.Disbursement unit under RIO2  

• Land Procurement Branch2
• Ground Survey Branch2
• Northern Region Boundary Survey Branch
• Pumping Machinery Section 1.2
• Lampang Land Consolidation Office